Supporting Your Intentions/Resolutions for the New Year

by Carol C. Wheelock

Dear Readers,

Once again it's that time of year when many of us vow to make changes in our lives. I prefer to make these changes with conscious intentions, rather than resolutions. Intentions are stated in the present with an emphasis on what you are creating, what you desire. (I am moving my living room furniture to create more opportunities for conversation and socializing.) In comparison, resolutions are often stated in the future tense with an emphasis on what you are not going to do. (I will not eat second helpings of dessert.) There are some very simple ways that feng shui can help facilitate the changes you intend to make.

So often these intentions (or resolutions) for the new year get abandoned even though it appeared that enough effort was being put forth to make them happen. I believe that many of our intentions never come to fruition because our surroundings don't support them. Feng shui is about creating spaces that do support us. It is based on three principles of chi. The first is that everything has an energy field, which means that everything in your space is sending you a message. The second is that everything is connected, so you are one with your space. The third is that everything is always changing. Learn to use changes in your space to help you move in positive directions.

Feng shui means �wind' and �water' which symbolize the flow of energy we want in our spaces (meandering and gentle). It also refers to the unseen and the seen. Thirdly, it refers to the inner and the outer - both of these are important. If you resolve/intend to make an inner change in your life, but don't address the outer change, then success is unlikely.

If you state your intention for the new year but leave you surroundings the same, it is extremely difficult to change anything. Even the advertisements and public service announcements about quitting smoking address the association between smoking and particular environments that trigger the desire to smoke. This principle applies to everything. If you want the next year to be different then you have to create the surroundings that support what you want. Our surroundings affect us and we reflect our surroundings. Is your space supporting the you who you want to be?

Anything and everything can be impacted by clutter so it's important to always start with a serious clearing. All that clutter acts like a damn so that there is a lack of flow in your life. Get rid of stuff and organize your belongings to make room for what you do want. Need help getting started? Get rid of 27 things at a time. Do so with the intention that you are creating room for what you do want in your life.

Suppose your new year's intention is to eat a healthier diet with the goal to lose weight. Do you always enter through the back and/or garage door so that you walk directly into the kitchen? What you first see most affects your chi and if you first see the refrigerator, food, etc., you will be triggered to eat as soon as you enter. Use the front door (which is better anyway since it is considered the mouth of chi) so you see something else when you first enter - something that won't make you think "eat."

If your intention is to attract more prosperity in the new year, check the area where you pay your bills and keep track of finances. If you don't have a specific area, then create one even if it is only part of a shelf. The idea is to honor and show gratitude for what you do have. Bills stashed around the house or thrown on a messy desk only work to hinder financial progress.

Many relationships could use improvement, especially when it comes to communicating. Is your master bedroom a sanctuary for two? Be sure you have two night stands and that both people have easy access to the bed. If there are chairs in your bedroom, be sure to have two. Next check the arrangement of furniture in your living room to see if it supports conversation. If the focal point is the television in either room, then your relationship is apt to revolve around the television.

Is your intention to have more of a social life and have more people in your life? Be sure your front door is obvious and that there is a clear path to it. Replace burned out bulbs that light the way to the door. Follow the path of a potential visitor into your house. Is your entry welcoming? Is your living room welcoming? This means that the main seating is facing the door and not positioned so that the first thing you see is the back of it.

For those who are looking to make a career change in the next year, once again be sure you have a clear and obvious path to your front door, symbolizing the flow of opportunities you are inviting into your life. Be sure to get rid of those things that represent the jobs you are finished with and keep those things that represent who you are and who you want to be.

Maybe your intention for the new year involves redecorating or remodeling a space. In that case, think about the impact these changes can have on your life. Choose color carefully. Consider furniture placement and its effect on those who use the room. Make the changes in your space with an intention and consciousness.

Whatever your goals for the new year are, think beyond those goals and look carefully at your space. Remember that feng shui is about your life and your surroundings.

By taking advantage of the principles of feng shui you can have great success achieving whatever you desire.

Fortunate blessings for the new year!

Carol C. Wheelock, M.Ed. of Feng Shui Vermont is a certified feng shui practitioner who has studied in the United Sates and China. She practices Black Sect or western feng shui. Carol does private consultations for homes, schools, libraries, and businesses; clutter counseling and clearing; spaces clearings; phone consultations; presentations; and teaches workshops throughout the United States. She also does personal clearings.

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