by Carol C. Wheelock

Are you creative? Many clients tell me they are not creative at all. They think it is necessary to be well-known in a particular art field to be considered creative, but this is not true. Some people love to cook and are creative in the kitchen, while others express their creativity through gardening. Woodworking, knitting, and other crafts are creative endeavors. For some creativity is part of a chosen field of work.

The questions becomes Are you as creative as you want to be? and Do you have a creative outlet? The answers are often "no." Time is certainly a factor for busy people. Deciding on a creative outlet poses a dilemma for others. But an often overlooked reason is the lack of space that supports creativity.

Feng shui teaches that a person is a reflection of his/her space and that the space affects the person. Gardeners and cooks have spaces that call to them to fulfill their creativity. That is not necessarily true for others. If your space is telling you that there is no room for creativity, you may feel blocked creatively or just ignore that whole part of your being. Either way, the result is that there is no creative outlet.

First consider clutter. If there are piles and piles, disorganization, things that don't have a home, things you don't use and love, etc. you have clutter. One of the results of clutter is blocked creativity. Clear that clutter with the intention that you are making room for creativity.

Secondly, consider whether or not there is a space in which to be creative. Some are fortunate enough to have a whole room for creative projects. Others feel there is no possibility of creative space, and sometimes these people even live in large homes. It is often an issue of priority, not actual space.

I have found that women in particular often feel that they cannot claim a space for creativity. They feel that the whole house is really theirs and that to claim a room or a portion of a room would be selfish. The problem is that by denying that part of themselves, they are not operating from a place of wholeness and often are frustrated by the lack of creativity in their lives. The other consideration is that everyone else in the house usually has a room or a portion of a room to call his or her own!

Think creatively about finding a space to support creativity. Just because a room has always been used a certain way, it does not mean it must continue to be used in that manner. As children grow up, many opportunities are presented for changing the use of space. Can't take over a whole room? Then designate a cupboard, a closet, or even a shelf, to hold the tools and materials of your creative outlet. By creating the space, you are acknowledging that part of you and you are more likely to actually do something.

There is an area of any space � land, house, room, table top - that is specifically linked to creativity. According to the bagua (the template of grid that is superimposed upon any space, the areas of which correspond to the areas of your life), children and creativity are together in the center of the right side of any space. This does not mean that your creative space has to be there, but if it is, that's a bonus. If it isn't, put something in that area that speaks to you of creativity.

We give birth to both ideas and children. Both are connected to joy and a sense of play. The original bagua referred to this area as Joyous Lake, emphasizing that a sense of play and joy are needed for both healthy children and ideas to develop. It reminds us to approach our creative endeavors with a lightness and sense of fun, and to invite joyful experiences into our lives.

It doesn't matter what your creative activity is. What matters is that you have one. Create the space that allows you to be inspired to pursue whatever you choose. Results are not important. The joy in creating and the nourishment of your being are.

Carol C. Wheelock, M.Ed. of Feng Shui Vermont is a certified feng shui practitioner who has studied in the United Sates and China. She practices Black Sect or western feng shui. Carol does private consultations for homes, schools, libraries, and businesses; clutter counseling and clearing; spaces clearings; phone consultations; presentations; and teaches workshops throughout the United States. She also does personal clearings.

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