House Shapes and Swimming Pools

by Carol C. Wheelock

Dear Carol,
Our house is not a complete shape. What can we do outside to remedy this?

Paul and Diane

Dear Paul and Diane,

You are right to want to address this. A complete shape is important because of the bagua, which is a template or grid that is superimposed upon any space. The areas of the bagua correspond to areas of your lives - self-knowledge, health, family, prosperity, fame and reputation, relationships, creativity, children, helpful people, travel, and career. When an area or areas are missing, it can adversely affect you lives.

Although the original bagua was an octagon, complete shape usually means a square or rectangle. You do not, however, have to have a house that is square or rectangular. There are many ways to achieve this shape even though your house may have an irregular shape. The quickest and easiest approach is to put something in the spot that marks where the corner would be if the building were a complete shape. A bird bath, tree, sculpture, large flower pot, bird feeder, wind chimes hanging from a tree or post in the ground, etc. are all options.

It is important to get energy or chi moving in the missing area. By attracting people to the space, you will accomplish this. Simple sitting areas can be created by placing a few chairs. Wind socks, whirligigs, and other outdoor decorations that move all move energy. On a more elaborate scale, missing areas are great places for gardens or patios.

Attracting wildlife to missing areas is another wonderful solution. Plant with specific birds or animals in mind. Butterfly gardens are beautiful and can attract a dazzling display of colorful butterflies.

As always, make all changes with intention and create a space you enjoy!

Dear Carol,
Is it bad to have a swimming pool in the back yard?


Dear Larry,

Ideally water is in front of the house, but not many people would choose to put a pool there for obvious reasons. In the interest of privacy, it is best to consider ways to balance the water energy of a pool in the backyard rather than put the pool somewhere that does not feel natural.

All five elements need to be considered. The first element to bring in is wood. Above-ground pools that have wood decking have already accomplished this. Plants are a great way to bring wood in, and if they are in terra cotta pots, then the earth element is there also. Earth is also usually in the color of unpainted wood.

Fire can be added through red flowers, umbrellas, or things with a triangular shape. People and pets also add the fire element so there is usually plenty of that. The last element is metal which is represented by metal itself, round shapes, and light colors.

It is always about balance. Avoid adding a lot of blue, which would just increase the effect of the water. As long as there are a variety of colors and shapes, all the elements will be present and your pool area will feel very inviting.

A sense of containment is also important as leaking water is associated with financial drain. A fence or hedge along the back of the pool will make it feel more secure and will hold the energy of the pool and water where it is. This will also provide privacy.

Dear Carol,
Our house is on a corner lot. Our driveway is on one street but our address is on the other. We use the door that is on the driveway side, but the "real" front door faces the street. There is no sidewalk to that door. It feels confusing. What should we do?

Hannah and Jack

Dear Hannah and Jack,

Your "real" front door is considered the mouth of chi, which is how the major flow of energy enters your house. Since you don't have a path to that door, energy is not drawn to it or into your space. People would also be less inclined to be drawn there.

It feels confusing because it is not clear which way to go. It's especially confusing because your address is on the street that has no path from it to the door. Although you will most likely continue to use the side door the majority of time, I would encourage you to use the front door at least once a week.

The ideal solution is to create a path from the street or sidewalk to the front door. If that is not possible at this time, at least place large pots of flowers or something else equally obvious on either side of the door or at the bottom of any existing steps. Do something that catches the eye and it will catch the energy also. Hanging something bright on or next to the front door will also help.

You don't say where the actual front door is located on the front of the house. If it is in the center, one or both of you may be having some issues regarding your careers. If it is on the left, it may be affecting self-knowledge, and if it is on the right you may be feeling a lack of support in your lives. When you make any changes to this door area, do so with the intention that you are improving that specific area of your life if that is appropriate. At the very least, make changes with the intention that you are inviting positive chi/energy in your lives.

Carol C. Wheelock, M.Ed. of Feng Shui Vermont is a certified feng shui practitioner who has studied in the United Sates and China. She practices Black Sect or western feng shui. Carol does private consultations for homes, schools, libraries, and businesses; clutter counseling and clearing; spaces clearings; phone consultations; presentations; and teaches workshops throughout the United States. She also does personal clearings.

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