Fortunate Blessings: Feng Shui and Prosperity

by Carol C. Wheelock

Are you prosperous? Have you thought about what it means to prosper? Most of us think money when we are asked these questions. Although money is a big piece of prosperity, there is a bigger picture. The Chinese often use the term fortunate blessings to mean success and fortune. When you have fortunate blessings, you have, among other things, success, a healthy family, a meaningful life, a safe place to live, clean air to breathe and clean water to drink, as well as all the money you desire. Are you surrounded with fortunate blessings?

Feng Shui teaches us that our surroundings affect us and that we, in turn, are reflections of our surroundings. Since everything has an energy field (and is, in a sense, "alive"), everything is connected, and everything is always changing, it makes sense that we are greatly influenced by the things and people around us. Look around you. Are you supported by your environment? Is your environment symbolic of the prosperity you want in you life?

Feng shui literally means wind water. Wind represents the unseen in our lives and water represents the seen. A gentle breeze or a meandering stream symbolize the ideal flow of chi or energy in our environments. Too little flow and air is stifling and water becomes stagnant. In other words, things are stuck. If chi is moving too fast, a hurricane or flood can result and everything goes rushing by us. In order to be balanced, "in the flow", and prosperous, the flow of chi in our surroundings need to be balanced.

The first step toward prosperity is to get the stuck chi, both within us and around us, flowing again. The main cause of being stuck is clutter. Clutter includes piles and piles; disorganization; things you no longer need, use, or love; anything in disrepair; unfinished projects; and dirty things. All of these things distract you on at least on a subconscious level - it takes energy to manage all that stuff. Clear that clutter! Look carefully at items given to you by someone who didnÕt want them anymore - they carry with them the energy of the previous owner and the circumstances under which the items were given to you (divorce, etc.). Take it to the dump, have a yard sale or sell it another way, give it away. By donating unwanted items to a worthy cause, you feel good and in the process are starting that flow of prosperity moving. As you clear the clutter, do so with the conscious intention that you are doing so to make room for the new in your life, to make room for that desired prosperity .

If you have rushing chi in your environment, it needs to be slowed down. Just as the chi is rushing by, so is the money. Do you live on a long straight street or is your driveway long and straight? Is your front door opposite your back door or a stairway? Is your bedroom or office at the end of a long hall? Do you have fast moving water near you house? These are some examples of situations that are apt to have rushing chi. Shrubs and other plantings can slow down the chi rushing toward your house and can protect your house from swiftly moving water. Slow down chi and people in hallways by making them more interesting with art, mirrors (not at the end), small rugs, plants, or bookcases if space allows. As you take steps to slow down rushing chi, do this with the conscious intention that you are encouraging the chi and prosperity to slow down and support you.

Once the flow of chi is balanced, you can then apply the bagua to your space. The bagua is a grid or template that can be superimposed upon your property, house, apartment, room, etc. Each section of the bagua corresponds to an area of your life.

prosperity/ wealth fame/ reputation relationships
health/family center creativity/
self knowledge/
career helpful people/travel

The bagua is oriented so that the front door, or the mouth of chi, is on the side of introspection/self-knowledge, career, and helpful people/travel. Although all areas are important to your overall balance in life, there are several that are particularly relevant to prosperity.

The most obvious is the section or gua called "prosperity", the back left corner of your space. (DonÕt panic if you happen to be missing this area.) Now that you have this area clear of clutter, put something in the space that makes you think of prosperity. Water and fish are linked to prosperity in feng shui so this is a great place for an aquarium. The element associated with this gua is wood, making this a good place for a healthy plant, especially one with rounded (avoid pointed) leaves. You could also use a painting of a prosperous looking scene, or something else that is meaningful to you. When you enhance this area with whatever you choose, do so with the conscious intention that you are doing so to bring more prosperity to your life.

Diagonally across from the prosperity corner is the helpful people and travel area. This is also referred to as benefactors. These are the seen and unseen people and forces that support us on our journeys through our lives. Pay attention to this area also. The element associated with this gua is metal so stones and crystals are good here. This is also a good place to have pictures of spiritual leaders and supportive friends, as well as travel photos, or something else that symbolizes who and what support you. This area also serves as a reminder to support and serve others.

The other area of the bagua that is particularly relevant to the prosperity issue is the career section. The feng shui meaning of career is lifeÕs journey, not necessarily your job. The element associated with this gua is water. ThereÕs that water and prosperity connection again. Water fountains are an obvious enhancement to this area. Some other enhancements for this or any area are light, plants or other living things, crystals, art, color, mirrors (be sure they are reflecting something you want to increase), wind chimes, and moving objects. Once again, choose and place with conscious intention.

If your house or office is missing one or more of these areas of the bagua, pay attention to those areas within rooms. For instance, if you have no prosperity corner, enhance the prosperity section of each room in your house. Pay attention to desk tops and place something symbolizing prosperity in the appropriate section. Also try to complete the shape outside. A patio, garden, or bird feeder or lamppost on the corner are all possibilities.

There are other layers of feng shui, but if you clear clutter to make room for the new, slow down rushing chi, and enhance the prosperity, helpful people, and career sections, you will start to feel in the flow and be well on your way to prosperity. Remember to do everything with conscious intention.

Fortunate blessings!

Carol C. Wheelock, M.Ed. of Feng Shui Vermont is a certified feng shui practitioner who has studied in the United Sates and China. She practices Black Sect or western feng shui. Carol does private consultations for homes, schools, libraries, and businesses; clutter counseling and clearing; spaces clearings; phone consultations; presentations; and teaches workshops throughout the United States. She also does personal clearings.

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